Four reasons for a Winter Wedding

Although not as common as the traditional summer wedding, we think that winter weddings can be incredibly magical and the perfect time to celebrate your perfect day. If you need a little more convincing that a winter wedding is right for you, we’ve created a list of reasons why.  With cosy open fires and hot spiced wine in a comfortable, candle lit, romantic ‘home from home’, winter is the perfect season for a wedding at East Dene.

Chances of snow

In the frosty winter months, they may be a chance of your wedding being blessed by the fall of snow, decorating your wedding pictures with its glistening winter magic.

It saves you money

Due to a lower demand, use of a wedding venue in winter is significantly cheaper than in the summer month. The lower demand also means that there is often more availability, so that you can choose the perfect winter wedding date. Saving money on the venue also means that you can spend that money on the finer details of your wedding to make it a truly perfect occasion for you both.

The weather is more reliable…

With a summer wedding, you often have to plan for all eventualities, hoping that the rain will stay clear of your special day. In the winter months, the weather is not expected to be perfect, however, the ceremony can be planned better to suit winter weather as and your guests will be better prepared too.

It will be the highlight of the season

Christmas parties aside, your guests won’t often have a lot of social occasions pencilled into their calendar during the winter, as opposed to the summer, and, with a winter wedding being so different to a traditional summer one, your wedding day will be bound to remain in the memories of your guests for years to come.

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